Let GAMACUT help you in your task.

GAMACUT is ideal for the upholstery sector, as well as for making sofas. The various fabrics on the market require a fast, powerful and versatile equipment such as our cutting machine.
With a speed of 1.5 m / s. This cutting machine single ply cut is one of the fastest on the market. This high speed makes it possible to cut a sofa as quickly as possible for its later upholstery.
By placing the material in the rear cradle of the cutting machine, a continuous window cut is achieved. Once the material is cut, the automatic advance of all its complete cut pieces is carried out.
With GAMACUT you will noticeably reduce the average cutting time of sofas.


Spectacular for the Textile Sector.

Perfect for cutting samples and prototypes, small productions, party dresses, bridal gowns, etc … GAMACUT’s interchangeable head system guarantees an agile and precise cut.
With our cutting system, you will speed up the cutting of the prototypes for their subsequent preparation.
Through this mono layer cut, samples are processed and cut at a faster speed. In addition, the cutting machine can also be configured with a fixed table system to optimize space.


Whit GAMACUT working is easier.

The production companies of sportswear with printing trust GAMACUT to cut the most sublimated pieces with the greatest precision, thanks to our CAPTUR pattern reading system. CAPTUR is a camera system that through our software detects the contour lines of the patterns.
The cutting system consists of placing lines on the contours of the patterns to be cut. When the patterns are already printed on paper, they are passed through a calender to transfer all the previously printed patterns to the fabric.
After passing through the calender, this material is deposited in the rear cradle of the cutting machine or is automatically fed. With the CAPTUR system, identification of the contour lines of the patterns is achieved for subsequent cutting.
This cutting system ensures that sublimated sportswear have greater automation, while at the same time minimizing the number of tasks.


Great for skin cutting.

The skin cut using a single ply cutting machine can be carried out in two different ways:

  • Through an Automatic System: There are several systems on the market compatible with GAMACUT. This cutting system is based on capturing the image of the skin. After its subsequent analysis, detection of anomalies and classification of the pieces, the program performs an automatic calculation of the positions of the pieces to be cut.
    GAMACUT is compatible with all software on the market with a skin image capture system. In order for our cutting machine to start processing the skin, the generation of an ISO file is necessary.
  • Through a Manual System: The projection and skin cutting system on the machine allows us, through the software, to place the pieces on the same skin manually and in real time.
    With the GAMACUT software, you can get the most out of your skin cutting machine.

This cutting system is its own and has been entirely developed by the Normatex technical team.
Parts can be duplicated, locked and moved in real time. It is also possible to record different projects for later repetition if the characteristics of the skin allow it. This saves a lot of time in repositioning all the previous pieces.


Ideal for cutting Carbon Fiber and other Composite Materials.

For cutting carbon fiber and other composite materials, GAMACUT has a pen accessory to identify the parts of the carbon fibers. This identification is essential for the placement of these carbon fibers in their different layers.
Through this system other annotations can also be identified, such as interior cuts, position markings, etc… Other sectors such as the automotive sector can also benefit from the precise and fast cutting of GAMACUT with Carbon Fiber and other Composite Materials.


More work done, less effort and time spent.

The reliability, robustness, speed and precision of GAMACUT will make our cutting machine an essential tool in your company.


It will be of great help to you.

GAMACUT will be very useful to quickly and accurately cut the necessary materials for the manufacture of boat sails, life jackets, pvc, etc …


GAMACUT, your best ally.

For cutting all kinds of tarps, plastics, awnings, etc… we can manufacture cutting machines with special measures and with different head configurations. Thus we manage to find the most appropriate solution to the needs of each of our clients.
The fixed tool is the ideal tool to make a faster and more precise cut.
GAMACUT will be very useful for you to do your job, simply choose the most suitable head for the materials you want to process and start cutting.


If you have trouble cutting resistant fibers, GAMACUT is the solution.

GAMACUT is not only ideal for cutting the most common fabrics, it can also be used for cutting and making inflatables (whose fibers are much harder, stronger and watertight).
Our clients use it to make recreational inflatables and also to make inflatables for commercial or marketing purposes such as arches and other applications.